4 Common Types Of Horse Breeds

October 21, 2015 by Fitness No Comments

A horse breed is one which has set features which will differentiate it from the others out there. Horse bloodlines are generally stated under one or more categories. There are 5 types but the four main ones are listed below. Here are the types: The majestic Arabian The majestic Arabian was brought about from the region of the Arabs and it is considered to be one of the oldest breeds out there. It resembles a thoroughbred and American quarter horse in its physical features too. It has one vertebra and one less rib than any other out there. They can run for long periods and are even used in championships. If you are seeking Melbourne spring racing carnival then you must pick an Arabian. These animals come in colors of white or grey too. They are sometimes around 800 pounds in weight. If you are trying to figure out as to where to place them buy a box stall or stable whichever is more convenient for you. The majestic American Paint horse This majestic creature was brought about from the Roman Empire and then on to Spain too. These animals are mainly used for riding or roping too. They have great markings all over their bodies which are also called as Sabino or tobiano as they pattern the animal’s skin. This horse is known for weighing around 1200 pounds when it reaches adulthood. The great quarter horse The great quarter horse is one of the most popular breeds known to man. It is the oldest animal too as it can run long distance races. It is very well known for taking part in races and is one of the many horses considered in racehorse syndicates too. It is used to round up cattle as well. It has white patterns on […]