Personalized Training

June 2, 2015 by Fitness No Comments

There are times when you might lack the motivation to get started or to continue working out; this may happen particularly when you’ve been exercising for a while but were unable to get the results you wanted. Or you may have the motivation, but your goal is to boost your overall fitness levels, and you feel that you cannot achieve this on your own. Maybe you want to compete or maybe you already are a state champion, and need to prepare intensively for a specific length of time. 

These are the usual cases when the expertise of personal trainers at Fremantle proves to be really helpful. Sessions typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and trainers should be able to work with both beginners and advanced gym members. It is best to look for a trainer who is certified and qualified, and has a diploma or a certificate in Fitness. Experienced instructors discuss with you to come up with a fitness program that clearly assesses your needs and sets your goals; the instructor monitors you carefully, supports you to get started and motivates you throughout your training.

Why a personal trainer?

Depending on your needs and goals, and other factors such as time constraints, personal trainers may come to your home or you can exercise in the gym where they are employed. Trainers are usually booked on an hourly basis, either for a single session, or for an ongoing series until you achieve your fitness goals. Some gyms offer a free first session with a personal trainer so that you can get an idea whether this might work out for you or not; make sure you can afford the cost of a long term commitment though.

Working out should be a fun, enjoyable activity, and a qualified trainer is able to add variety to your training routine to make it more exciting. Training sessions should be customized to your specific needs, whether you are interested in strength training, toning or increasing your muscle mass, building symmetry, losing fat quickly, or simply working out your entire body. Personal instructors can also offer expert advice on proper nutrition, diet and supplements, factoring in your age, health, fitness level, and amount of effort you put into your workouts.

Note that if you suffer from some medical condition, you should see first your GP or specialist doctor, since they are the only professionals able to judge whether exercising is safe for you or not. In case you postpone the visit, your personal trainer will anyway send you to your doctor before you actually start training.