Three Great Yoga Retreats That Can Be Found In India

March 23, 2015 by Physical Fitness No Comments

Yoga as a form of physical exercise and relaxation has seen a rise in the recent years. Born in India, yoga was practiced for centuries before the inevitable spread to the western countries. As its physical and mental health benefits became apparent, yoga was seen as a more serious form of living rather than a mere pastime. Yoga is learnt and taught in various parts of the world now but the true, unfiltered form still lies in the heart of the Indian sub-continent. This factor is very apparent in the number of yoga retreats in Sydney that can be found in our country today.

Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world travel to India to learn the art of yoga in its natural, traditional setting as it has been taught for centuries past. There are few retreats that offer the education of yoga in its true form that are appealing to those looking for it. Few of them are:

• Sivananda Yogi VendantaDhanwantari Ashram, Kerala

You see people come to this ashram from all walks of life. It offers two week yoga holidays in which the guests have to follow the rules of the ashram. From vegetarian diet to alcohol-free evenings, the guests not only attend full immersion yoga classes, but are also required to go for silent meditation and talks and lectures about yoga and its benefits. They are also required to participate in something called as Karma Yoga where they help with chores around the facility such as cooking, cleaning and serving. With great facilities, the Ashram is located in the scenic Western Ghats. 

• Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh

This is another great place as far as yoga retreats go, located in the hearth of the holy city of Rishikesh. Founded on a gorgeous mountain setting, the Niketan is open to one and all. They offer very intensive programmes for beginners as well as the advanced. They also have cheap accommodation and food. Along with yoga classes, they also offer training in Vedic heritage and spirituality. Another great feature is the training courses for teaching. One of the unique factors of this yoga retreat is the Yoga festival they organise on an annual basis during the month of March. They perform weddings as well. As far as yoga retreats go, this is a great facility to visit.

• The Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

Founded and headed by Sri SriRavishankar, this Ashram has become very popular in the recent years with scores of people, local and international, visiting the place in hopes of learning yoga and meditation. It is a mammoth of a campus that is located in the Panchagiri Hills in the outskirts of the metropolitan, Bangalore. They have various programmes that are conducted constantly and include a variety of yoga specific topics. It is truly a scenic place to live in with gorgeous gardens, mountain trails, lakes and even an organic farm that surrounds the facility. The Ashram also requires all the guests to participate in the services such as cooking, cleaning and keeping the ashram in a neat manner.