Three Questions To Ask When Choosing A Fitness Instructor

May 8, 2015 by Fitness No Comments

There are many reasons why people take up sports only to leave. They have been through many fitness classes and they were not able to get what they were looking for. Most people go to these classes with the wrong notions about keeping fit. Most of their disappointment is with the fact that their set objectives before they come into the class are not met. Click here to know the 3 questions to ask when choosing a fitness instructor.  

Then there are those who go these classes because they heard something good about the trainer. Just as some go because of the trainer, other will leave because of the trainer. A fitness class can be no fun if you cannot fall in sync with the person handling the training session. That is why a lot of thought should be given when choosing a class and the trainer to work with.

Are they certified?
For most people, exercises don’t need to be learnt in school so anybody who cares should be able to learn. While this may be true to an extent, when looking for a trainer, it is better to work with one that is well trained and accredited. These are the ones that have gone to sports training school and in the process learn something about the human anatomy. This is important as the knowledge helps them to make informed decisions about the training programs they should give to their different students. Those who have not been to such training may ignore sure things with dangerous consequences. If they are certified, it should be a from a reputable certification organization.

Do they have enough Experience?
It is very true that experience is the best teacher. If you find an instructor, be sure to ask more about their experience. It is not the amount of time they have clocked working, it should actually be the amount of quality time spent in the line of duty. Quality time will refer to those times when they have been faced with situations that needed their good judgment. It definitely does not mean there should not have made mistakes. What is more important is how those mistakes were handled. This means that you shouldn’t only ask about the length of time they have been working. Also ask to hear about their experiences.

Ask I they have any preferred training styles
The fact that your chosen trainer is certified may make you confident that you are in the right place; also bother to ask if they have any preferred working styles. The fact that they are certified does not automatically mean they will be able to know all different types of workout exercises. By asking these questions, the answer can tell you if the goals of your workout sessions will be met if you work with them.